Judith-James-photo.bmpJudith James’ Restoration Series will transport you to the thrilling days of highwaymen, poets, courtesans, courtiers,  and spies. Rich with history and adventure, brimming with colorful characters and  filled with passion and sensuality, these are love stories you won’t soon forget!

BOOK ONE“Fueled by sizzling sensuality and sharp wit, James’ refreshingly different historical deftly re-creates the glittering, colorful court of Charles II while also delivering an unforgettable love story.”~John Charles BOOKLIST* 




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James’ fully realized version of naughty, bawdy Restoration England is the ideal setting for her marvelous characters to play out their sensual and romantic love story…The quick pace, strong dialogue and high degree of sensuality added to the lush backdrop will have readers enthralled.”~Kathe Robie  RT  


























Highland Rebel represents the best of the genre: carefully researched, with complex, compelling characters and a good, galloping plot… Upscale historical romance at its best! Highly recommended.”

-Eileen Charbonneau









■Romance Novel TV Best Debut 2008

■Historical Novels Review Editor’s Choice

■AAR Desert Island Keeper

■AAR Honorable Mention Best of 2008

■AAR Buried Treasure

■AAR Best Tear Jerker annual readers poll

■Independent Publisher Awards Gold Medal 2009

When I think of what constitutes a superior historical romance, I think of real characters connecting on many levels with a believable setting that pulls me into the story and sweeps me along into another place and time. Judith James’s novel Broken Wing is such a tale; I was hooked from the first pages and found myself sighing with satisfaction at the end. Broken Wing is both well-written and compelling, and I found the pages flying by as I wrapped myself in the tale of the numb Gabriel being brought to life by the vivacious Sarah. I found there was much to love about this story of two star-crossed lovers finding one another in many ways. Superior reading indeed.” Tamela McCann Historical Novels Review  

A very promising first novel, reminiscent of many books in the genre I love, from Laura Kinsale’s The Shadow and The Star to Laura London’s The Windflower, even to Christine Monson’s Rangoon, but also compelling in its own vision.”

Janet~ Dear Author




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icon-top-pick-grey~LIBERTINES KISS~                                           The first in a series of 17th century romantic historicals, an AAR Desert Island Keeper and an RT nominee for Best British Isles Historical  this book tells the story of two childhood sweethearts torn apart by civil war and reunited following the restoration of Charles II to the throne. It features a hero based on the notorious libertine, poet and close friend to the king, John Wilmot Earl of Rochester.

This angsty historical is heartrendingly beautiful”        ~Lynn Spenser~AAR Desert Isle Keeper

“Readers will find this poignant love story enthralling and    unforgettable.”~Kathe Robin~RT                             

Booklist starred review

AAR Desert Island Keeper

RT Top Pick

RT nominated Best British Isles Historical



           ~ THE KING’S COURTESAN~

Another Romantic Times Top Pick, this story takes up where LIBERTINE’S KISS leave’s off. THE KING’S COURTESAN introduces Hope Mathews, a character based on Nell Gwynn, and Captain Nichols, a battle weary soldier first introduced to readers in LIBERTINES KISS.  Several characters from that book return to play a role, but it is not necessary to read the first to enjoy the second.  I have chosen to use the French cover to display this book as it is so beautiful and appropriate to the time and tone.

“The King’s Courtesan is a beautiful love story set in a rich historical period. Court Intrigues, War, Revenge those are a few of the things our heroes will have to overcome to finally get their HEA.”~  Book Lovers INC.

“Seventeenth century England is the perfect setting for this novel and Ms. James does it justice. She describes a rich, evocative world that I can’t wait to sink back into.” ~The Literary Nymph

“Hmm….this is a tale you won’t want to miss just for this last sentence alone.”   Yankee Romance Reviewers






Bastard son of a disgraced nobleman, the highwayman Gentleman Jack Nevison wants nothing to do with his father’s heritage, choosing instead to prey on the wealthy aristocracy that spawned his brutal sire and whom he holds responsible for his mother’s death. Soon he and his black horse are famed the length of England as he takes greater risks to fuel a thrill grown cold.

Although she comes from the world he despises, the travel writer Arabella Hamilton is a misfit and daredevil too. When circumstances bring them together the sparks ignite, but both will learn it can be easier to take risks with one’s person than with ones heart.

I am really excited about this one! The hero of THE HIGHWAYMAN is the real life 17th century  highwayman Swift Nick Nevison.  Tall, charming and handsome (yes he really was) a popular hero in his day and the inspiration for stories songs and poems, his fame was spread through chapbooks and word of mouth, and his adventures are still recounted in England to this day.

My heroine, Arabella, is closely based on the intrepid lady traveler and journalist, Celia Fiennes, who visited and wrote about every county in England, setting forth on horseback, usually with only a servant or two in tow, at a time when travel could quite literally kill you. What if this adventurous and independent spinster had encountered a charismatic highwayman on the road? That is the premise for THE HIGHWAYMAN.

The adventures and exploits of Swift Nick, and the observations and writings of Celia Fiennes are woven throughout this story which takes the reader from the privileged world of London’s aristocracy to the highways and byways, inns and hunting grounds of some of England’s most celebrated rogues. I hope you will enjoy it, and think it worth the wait.



You might want to check out HIGHLAND REBEL, my first foray into the 17th century. Yes he has a nice chest, but this is a serious historical fiction as well as love story, chosen as a Historical Novels Review Editors Choice and a B@N Book of the Year.  HIGHLAND REBEL takes place in England, Ireland and Scotland after the death of Charles II and the ascension of James II to the throne. The 17th century coffee houses, called penny universities, and the court of James II at Whitehall feature prominently. The love interests are a Scottish heiress trying to keep her clan neutral and out of the brewing Jacobite rebellion, and a cynical English mercenary soldier and courtier who changes religions and sides as he operates as an agent for both James II and the man who would usurp him, William of Orange. B@N’s Michelle Buonfiglio said~

One of the most intriguing heroes of this year. … grand in scope and entertainment… high art, indeed.” 

 Named one of the best books of 2009 by Dear Author 

One of the best of 2009 Barnes and Nobel.  Michele Buonfiglio

 Historical Novels Review Editors Choice



 Broken Wing

If you like tortured heros, exotic locales and a heart-breaking love story BROKEN WING might be the book you’re looking for. This one was Indie pubbed by Medallion, a smaller press that is willing to take chances and likes stories that are outside of the box. With a small print run, word of mouth and the help of some dedicated bloggers (Thank you Kristie J) it garnered some great reviews, a nice award and made several lists and keeper shelves. I love all my characters, but Gabriel was my first.

The story is described below.

“The Napoleonic era comes brilliantly alive in James’s debut adventure romance. Sarah, Lady Munroe, has traveled to postrevolution Paris with her half-brother, Ross, to find their long-lost younger brother. Young Jamie suffered few ill effects while residing at a Parisian brothel thanks to the protection of Gabriel St. Croix, a “glittering catamite” who returns to England with them at Jamie’s insistence. While Gabriel’s attraction to Sarah begins as an innocent shared admiration for astronomy, their sensual love scenes intensify as Gabriel reconciles his tender feelings with his sordid past. The pace never falters when the lovebirds are separated and pursue adventures on their own. The extensive historical detail goes a long way, but Sarah and Gabriel’s heart-wrenching struggle to keep their love alive is what will really keep readers entranced throughout this epic read.”  -Publishers Weekly

“Judith James’ rich prose and witty, articulate dialogue enhance this story of a complex man, bitterly wounded by life, who finds self-worth through love. A fresh and passionate tale, Broken Wing enchants the reader with original characters and a compelling romance set against the colorful tapestry of England, France, and North Africa in the turbulent years of Napoleon’s rise to power.”   -Laura Leone, author of Fallen From Grace





The Japanese translation of BROKEN WING is doing very well on Amazon Japan and elsewhere, keeping its place on the  Romance best sellers list for the past five months. I’ve included the cover because it’s so beautiful, and linked it to the Japanese site for any Japanese visitors. I don’t understand the reviews, but if you do please let me know. Thanks very much to Fushosha for the lovely cover, and Hiro Takasato for the beautiful translation.


The Restoration series has been translated or is being translated into several languages by HQN. I am including the cover of the French translation of LIBERTINES KISS with it’s link to a wonderful review in ORINIK for my Quebecois friends and any visitors from France- and because it’s a Fantastic review! It’s not everyday your story is described as an audacious mix of historical fiction in the style of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick with a romantic touch worthy of Rosalind Laker and a zesty sensuality à la Elizabeth Hoyt! I have used the cover of the French translation of The King’s Courtesan above. It will be released in France in May 2013.




Foreign translation rights are available for


BROKEN WING (except Japan) 


What’s New? 

The first two chapters of THE HIGHWAYMAN will be available on this site on March 27th. I hope you enjoy them.

 I am currently working on a two book dark and gritty medieval fantasy a little à la George R.R. Martin, with a bit more sex and a heartbreaking love triangle at its core.

If you’re a fan of BROKEN WING interested in a little more back story or a closer look at some of the main characters, keep checking back. I may have an exciting announcement to make this spring!

I am also putting the finishing touches on a modern day paranormal called THE DARK WITHIN I expect to release this fall, so if you’re a fan or paranormal investigations, haunted houses and haunted souls, stay tuned. 





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